Suitable for on-site applications such as zoos and mining camps, smaller municipal transfer stations, resorts and commercial food waste facilities. The basic HotRot 1811 configuration incorporates a bin-lifter feed unit.
This system is designed for situations where staff are undertaking other activities in the same general area
(i.e. a waste management facility at a remote camp) or where a lower throughput is acceptable.
The periodic feeding resulting from the use of a bin-lifter results in a reduced overall throughput.
Like the HotRot 1206, the HotRot 1811 can operate successfully outdoors down to minus -20 C degrees  but again we would recommend placing the unit under cover when fitted with a bin-lifter feed system to provide weather protection to operators.




The HotRot 1811 unit consists of a steel/stainless steel u-shaped insulated hull, capped with fibreglass insulated lids. A stainless steel central tine-bearing shaft runs longitudinally through the u-shaped trough. This shaft is rotated periodically and provides mixing and aids aeration. Aeration is further enhanced by periodic air injection using a low-pressure system mounted external to the hull.


Length overall
Width overall
Height overall
Main drive
Energy requirement
Nominal capacity
12.80m (42’ 0”)
2.17m (7’ 2”) 
2.33m (7’ 8”)
5.5kW three-phase
60-70 kW/day
up to 2.5 tonnes per day
with feed hopper

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