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HotRot 3518 Composting Unit Installed in South Africa

About the HOTROT 3518 Unit

The HotRot 3518 is the largest single unit and is constructed from pre-cast concrete or pre-fabricated steel sections. Designed to be used by larger municipalities and sewage treatment plants, multiple units can process any quantity of organic waste but HotRot generally recommends plant of less than 180tpd to minimise transportation distances and local impacts.

The HotRot 3518 is designed for outdoor operation; additional insulation (winterisation) is available for extreme climates.

Locating any feed hoppers within a waste reception building with the HotRot units outside would be normal. Product conveyors can discharge into a storage building or open temporary storage bunkers.

Taking Organic Waste Seriously

HotRot 3518 installation in South Africa

The HotRot 3518 is the largest of Global Composting Solution’s in-vessel composting units. Designed for larger municipalities and sewage treatment plants.


Feed hoppers enable 24/7 unattended operation. Ancillary equipment such as augers, conveyors, biofilters and dewatering units can be supplied as part of a turnkey installation.


15 years. *Excluding maintenance and wear items. Design and specifications may change without notice at any time due to ongoing research and development.


The HotRot 1811 is suitable for on-site applications such as zoos and mining camps, smaller municipal transfer stations, resorts and commercial food waste facilities.

​HotRot 1811 Composting Unit

The HotRot 1509 sits between the HotRot 1206 and 1811 and is also ideal for processing organic waste from canteens and commercial premises.

HotRot 1509 Composting Unit

The baby of the HotRot range, the HotRot1206, is designed to process food waste from canteens and commercial premises. 

​HotRot 1206 Composting Unit



HotRot 3518 Composting Unit
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