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HotRot 1811 Composting Unit
About the HotRot 1811 Unit

About the HOTROT 1811 Unit

The HotRot 1811 unit consists of a steel/stainless steel u-shaped insulated hull, capped with fibreglass insulated lids. A stainless steel central tine-bearing shaft runs longitudinally through the u-shaped trough. This shaft is rotated periodically and provides mixing and aids aeration. Aeration is further enhanced by periodic air injection using a low-pressure system mounted external to the hull. 

This system is designed for situations where staff are undertaking other activities in the same general area (i.e. a waste management facility at a remote camp) or where a lower throughput is acceptable. The periodic feeding resulting from the use of a bin-lifter results in a reduced overall throughput. 
Like the HotRot 1206, the HotRot 1811 can operate successfully outdoors down to minus -20 C degrees  but again we would recommend placing the unit under cover when fitted with a bin-lifter feed system to provide weather protection to operators.

Taking Organic Waste Seriously

HotRot 1811 Installation at Melbourne Zoo

The HotRot 1811 is suitable for on-site applications (commercial food, mining camps, zoos, poultry mortalities) or smaller municipal transfer stations and sewage treatment plants.


A feed hopper enables 24/7 unattended operation. Multiple units can be installed in parallel with individual or larger common feed hoppers. 


10 years. *Excluding maintenance and wear items. Design and specifications may change without notice at any time due to ongoing research and development.


The HotRot 3518 is the largest of Global Composting Solution’s in-vessel composting units. Designed for larger municipalities and sewage treatment plants.

HotRot 3518 is the largest of Global Composting Solution’s in-vessel composting units

The HotRot 1509 sits between the HotRot 1206 and 1811 and is also ideal for processing organic waste from canteens and commercial premises.

HotRot 1509 Composting Unit

The baby of the HotRot range, the HotRot1206, is designed to process food waste from canteens and commercial premises. 

​HotRot 1206 Composting Unit
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