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HotRot 1509 undercover LPG project

About the HOTROT 1509 Unit

The HotRot 1509 sits between the HotRot 1811 and HotRot 1206. The HotRot 1509 composting unit has been used on remote work camps and also sewage treatment plants to process grit and screenings. In essence the HotRot 1509 can do anything the HotRot 1811 or HotRot 1206 can do with a processing capacity of 1.0-1.4 tonne per day.

As with all HotRot units, the HotRot 1509 is designed for outdoor installation but can also be installed in a building or under a roofed area where protection of workers from the weather is desirable. The HotRot 1509 is constructed with a steel hull and frame enclosed with fibreglass lids.

Taking Organic Waste Seriously

HotRot 1509 with Feed Hopper

The HotRot 1509 sits between the HotRot 1206 and 1811 and is also ideal for processing organic waste
from canteens and commercial premises. The unit has found favour at some remote work camps and smaller communities.


​The standard feed hopper enables up to 48-hour unattended  operation. The addition of a dewatering unit can help reduce the liquid content of waste, enhancing efficiency and reduces the proportion of bulker
required (options are available for dealing with the excess liquid).


10+ years *Excluding maintenance and wear items. Design and specifications may change without notice at any time due to ongoing research and development.


The HotRot 3518 is the largest of Global Composting Solution’s in-vessel composting units. Designed for larger municipalities and sewage treatment plants.

​HotRot 3518 Composting Unit

The HotRot 1811 is suitable for on-site applications such as zoos and mining camps, smaller municipal transfer stations, resorts and commercial food waste facilities.

​HotRot 1811 Composting Unit

The baby of the HotRot range, the HotRot1206, is designed to process food waste from canteens and commercial premises. 

​HotRot 1206 Composting Unit
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