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The COMET Composting Unit

Approx. 50-75kg per day mixed waste

We are pleased to announce the development and release of the COMET to the HotRot range of composting units.

The COMET is an automated, aerobic composter which processes organic waste through a continual/batch system into a high quality, safe and immediately useable garden compost within two weeks.


The system utilizes minimal energy, is easy to use and safe in operation. They can be installed in a small space with minimal site works required.


Adding optional equipment such as small-scale shredders and dewater units make the COMET a versatile solution to manage onsite compostable waste.

Who should use a COMET

  • Institutions - schools and universities, prisons, hospitals, etc.

  • Agricultural producers - fruit, vegetables, grains, citrus, vineyards, etc.

  • Animal handlers - zoos, farmers, dairy, horse trainers, race courses, etc.

  • Food service - Corporate cafeterias, restaurants, food preparation industries, food wholesaler and retailers, etc.

  • Travel and leisure - resorts, cruise ships, hotels/ motels, island retreats, etc.

  • Municipal - treatment plants, sub-divisions, parks/ recreation, biosolids, household greenwaste, etc.

  • Military - naval ships, army bases, etc.

  • Organisations - mining, shipping, etc.

  • Landscape and horticulture - Compost & Fertilizer Producers, Botanical Gardens, Commercial Landscapers, etc.

  • Waste Managers - landfill owners and other waste management companies, etc.

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