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HotRot Screwtech feed hoppers are manufacture in various sizes up to 25m3 capacity. Smaller 2.5 and 4.5m3 hoppers are suitable for single 1811s, larger 10 and 15m3 hoppers are suited for multiple 1811s and the largest 25m3 hopper is designed for a single 3518 (larger hoppers for multiple 3518 installations are custom built using “walking floor” technology.




Global Composting and Screwtech have invested in the development of the hoppers used in current HotRot systems. Waste that is heterogeneous is generally wet and sticky and is often corrosive or abrasive. Many wastes are prone to compaction that can cause bridging and retard aeration. Hoppers need to be able to handle wastes where properties may change daily, weekly or seasonally and where waste change from site to site.

The HotRot hoppers are designed to eliminate compaction zones that not only cause wear but dramatically increase drive sizes and power consumption. Hoppers are designed to be fully enclosed, containing any free-draining liquids but also preventing access by vermin; enclosing the hopper also enables odours to be controlled and safety features incorporated that disable drives if hopper lids are open. Feed hoppers are usually manufactured using stainless steel although marine-grade epoxy coatings are sometimes used.

Hoppers, like the HotRot units, are designed for outdoor installation but it is often desirable to enclose the hopper/s in a building to help control odours during periods when waste is being loaded.

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