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Global Composting Solutions is a privately held Christchurch, New Zealand-based company which bought the assets of HotRot Composting Systems (NZ) Ltd in December 2015.


The company is owned and operated by members of the old HotRot management team and continues to design, manufacture, install and service HotRot technology which has been in operation in the global organic waste sector since 2003.


Andrew Green | Global Composting Solutions
Managing Director

Andrew established Global Composting Solutions in 2015, utilising the proven HotRot composting technology, which has been comercialised since early 2000 and is now in more than 15 countries. His extensive experience working with capital plant, engineering design, manufacturing and distribution at a senior level has driven the company’s rapid expansion. With the growing environmental concerns worldwide, the need for providing clean waste minimization solutions has never been more critical than today. Our vision must be to make a difference and make it available across the globe.

Victor Savage | Global Composting Solutions
Procurement/ Project Engineer

Victor Savage joined the HotRot team as Production Engineer in 2004. Since this time Vic has been involved in the installation and commissioning of HotRot systems around the world, including UK, South Africa and the USA.  His extensive experience in the technology from design through to operations enable GCS to develop bespoke practical solutions for our individual client’s needs.

Trevor Atkins | Global Composting Solutions
Project Manager

Don Elphinstone joined HotRot in 2018 as Project Manager. Don has 37 years experience in the industrial electrical and power generation industries. After 20 years working as an electrician Don digressed into Project Management within the generation industry and has experience managing and supervising mechanical, civil and electrical installation and maintenance projects.

Jo Farrell | Global Composting Solutions
Financial Administration/EA

Jo joined the Global Composting Solutions (GCS) team in 2017. Jo has an extensive background in Office and Finance Management at a senior management and board level. Responsible for compliance, quality, HR, financial reports and control across a broad range of markets. These include building, manufacturing, trust management, retail and hospitality.  Jo has been on lead teams, introducing new accounting software and merging of companies, reporting to boards in a seamless and timely manner.

Jo's extensive and diverse experience will be critical to the future growth of GCS to ensure systems processes and controls are in place which will be the essential platform to manage the grow expectation of the business.

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